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For everybody birkifriends
.., here is a very cool new Forum of friends from Birkenstocks.

It would be funny, if many friends from all over the world will come to us.

Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Now, we have an Birkirfriend from Austria, England in Belgium. Smile

We all are speaking German, but many can speak English, too.

Now, the Chat is open for everybody, who will be registered in the Forum here.

The record was a Chat with 6 friends coincident.

Try it and registry you here.

Now, we are 28 Birkifriends in the private Forum.

The Birkifriend Oslofan from Germany
Hello to all~

Name is Fauzi, you may call me as Zie (pronounced as Zee ain't Zed), 26 y.o, 5'5", 110 lbs ❣️
Phone num./WhatsApp: +6287777-00-6899
Snapchat: zie_48
and ofc, Discord: Zie #7234

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